Proposal for the Banks of Europe... and soon abroad

The current economic scenario has led to banks and savings banks in Europe to restructuring and bank merger processes, resulting in an oversized banking infrastructure for this new framework. The conventional option would be to expect that these spaces will be absorbed by the real state market, through purchase or rent transactions. However, we believe there is also feasible an intermediate option:

We propose to enhance the creation and management, at neighborhood level, of a network of temporary citizen activity nodes [economic, cultural, education, innovation] to be installed in the former offices of banks and savings banks. These idle spaces have the infrastructure and service connections (water, electricity, telephone, broadband) to start a new entrepreneurial activity and also are evenly distributed within the urban fabric. Banks will assume rent fees as a form of tax on their incomes, and entrepreneurs will pay maintenance costs. Transitional use of these nodes could be gradually adapted back to the real state market as economic conditions improve. Those transition spaces would strength local economy networks and can also be a powerful tool to generate resilient connections into citizens.

In November 2010 we worked on the proposal for the saving banks of Spain, that you can read here [in SP or EN with GoogleTranslator]. Now, due all the worldwide economical events that happened in 2011, we think it's time to extend it to Europe... and abroad.